AKVS architecture is multiply awarded architectural studio based in Belgrade, Serbia. Their research and designs are focused on atmospheric spatial systems that offer multiplicities of experiences for its users. Over the years, they have participated in over 40 architectural competitions, many of which have been highly awarded and some are now in design development stage.

Anđela Karabašević and Vladislav Sudžum are architects with a background in mathematics. Anđela is doing her PhD thesis while teaching at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, Serbia, and Vladislav holds a degree in Thermal Engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade, Serbia. Over the years, they have actively been involved in a number of national and international architectural competitions and exhibitions. In 2019, their Summer Houses project won the prestigious GRAND PRIX AWARD at the 41st Salon of Architecture in Belgrade, Serbia.

AKVS studio's research is focused on the phenomena of architectural atmospheres, the production of atmospheres and a scientific basis for atmospheric processes in architecture. In 2017 their research proposal 'Unsettled Air: Atmospheric Dimensions of Architecture' has been selected by Harvard GSD Wheelwright Prize jury (Gordon Gill, Mariana Ibañez, Gia Wolff, Mohsen Mostafavi and K. Michael Hays) from more than 200 applicants in over 45 countries to compete for the prestigious 2017 Wheelwright Prize scholarship.

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