STUDENT HOUSING | Belgrade. Serbia 2010 | student project | magazine NOVOSTI exhibition 2011 | magazine ARHITEKTON exhibition 2011 | mentors: Zoran Abadić, Jelena Bogosavljević

CONCEPT | Student housing is designed for a location in the central zone of Belgrade, facing a park of an approximately similar area. Student’s dwelling becomes a unit to satisfy his basic needs, minimal, economical, adaptable to its user and his specific character, and, above all, universal. One student gets one unit. As a part of a strictly organized educational system, he needs a place to live that is a part of a powerful and strictly standardized housing system. The object that contains all of the housing units arranged in carefully slipped rows is designed as a simple box that landed on a number of concrete cores. These allow completely open ground level. This is where car and bicycle parking is planned, as well as a public space as a prolongation of a park in front. The housing unit becomes a machine that will in a certain period of time give birth to a specific type of people, future academic class of our society, and repeat this process in an endless number of times.