SLAVIJA SQUARE | Belgrade. Serbia 2012 | competition entry | SECOND PRIZE AWARD | team: 4of7 architecture // Milutin Cerović, Milica Tasić, Bogdan Obradović, Đorđe Stojanović, Anđela Karabašević

CONCEPT | The proposal aims to create a new public space at the busy traffic junction in Belgrade. The notions of movement and change are taken as two departing points of the study. The movement is related to the dynamics of numerous vehicular and pedestrian traffic routes which all intersect at Slavija Square. The change is related to the weather, most notably to rain or snow falls, but also manifested more subtly through oscillations of temperature, humidity and solar radiation. The proposed interventions consist of many elements, rather than a single and central gesture.The quick fix for the currently devastated image of the Square is based on the introduction of the responsive and field like spatial condition. The new environment of Slavija Square will consist of vectors and trajectories.