MUSEUM OF UNSETTLED AIR - Computational Simulations of Architectural Atmospheres | research proposal | December 2015

The architecture of our future will dissolve into dynamic aerial fields of its digitized environment.

Architecture is essentially fragile - it emanates energies, vibrates, evaporates into thin air, ages and respires. The unstable matter of air that constitutes its spaces determines our spatial experiences. In the age after representation, we believe that advanced digital technologies should be employed in exploring the atmospheric dimensions of architecture, towards its more sensuous, human oriented future. Museum of Unsettled Air is an imaginary space of digitally constructed atmospheres. It is a virtual research platform for precise exploration of spatial experiences. Unconfined with anything else, but the power of mind, the museum seeks for better understanding of reality, as it simulates real life atmospheric phenomena. By transcending the visual hegemony of today, we aim to reveal the intangible architectural rhythms that mediate our experience of the world, bringing us significantly closer to comprehending and constructing ethereal atmospheric processes in the future.