ART COLLECTOR'S APARTMENT | West Beijing. China. 2015 | MORPH competition entry - interior design | THIRD PRIZE AWARD

CONCEPT | Our project pursues to materialize the fusion between two distinct cultures - Chinese and European - and in this way achieve a captivating spatial experience for both the inhabitants, as well as for their visitors. Elegant and mysterious exhibitional mood permeates the warm and homely atmosphere of the apartment, thus revealing a space profused with sensorial stimuli and inspiring images. Our main design element - the interweaving of lines in various directions - evokes the impression of harmonious merging of the East and the West. It refers to Chinese traditional geometric patterns, as well as to the minimalistic European design, bringing both together into one memorable entity.

FIRST FLOOR | LIVING ROOM + TEA ROOM | Living room and tea room are designed to contrast and complement each other - the double height living room is the brightest space in the apartment during the day, and the obscurely and mysteriously lit tea room is carefully protected for performing tea rituals, and enjoying the zen bamboo garden on the terrace. Both rooms exhibit artworks from Chinese and European cultures, gradually heightening the sensual experience of the space - from orientally toned modern European living room to the traditional Chinese tea room in dark red wood and filled with precious antiques and artworks. Furniture and materials are selected from traditional Chinese elements, mostly owned by the client, as well as from modern European design, that is inspired by antique rare objects and strong cultural references of both the East and the West.

LOBBY + GALLERY + WINE EXHIBITION | Apartment lobby on the first floor is designed in clear simple manner, to introduce the visitors into the space and to accentuate the exhibited artworks. KITCHEN + DINING ROOM | Kitchen and dinning room on the opposite side of the apartment of the living and tea areas are designed in elegant modern black and white style, continuing white exhibition space of the lobby. Simple white background is suitable for introducing characteristic furniture elements: • white wood dinning table with the classic Tip Toe chairs by Mauro Lipparini; • black lacquered piano from client’s collection; • exceptional black wooden cabinet by Roberto Giovannini; and • simple linear lighting geometry, following main design elements of the apartment. Dinning room is suitable for both elegant evening gatherings, as well as for intimate family meals and social events.

SECOND FLOOR | GIRL’S ROOM | The room for the young girl is bright and airy, in simple colours with inspiring colourful details. The white washed oak floor is a minimalistic background to accentuate the furniture, while the oiled smoked oak ceiling gives the whole space a warm and cozy tone. BATHROOM | Existing bathroom is redesigned, while the original black and white tiles are preserved. We propose simple materials, natural polished concrete flooring, and modern large white stone tiles on the walls, to contrast the black and white details. Wooden bathroom appliances give the warm and cozy, but luxurious finishing touch to the whole space. BOY’S ROOM | Boy’s room is designed in simple contemporary style, with wooden and oriental details. White wooden flooring and wardrobe panels with the beautiful Butterfly chair aim to evoke the feeling of peaceful meditating experience of fishing in the nature.

THIRD FLOOR | MASTER BEDROOM & SCENIC TERRACE | Master bedroom is the most precious and intimate space for the owner. We propose to preserve the colourful line of tiling on the existing terrace, and to turn it into the main design element of the new bedroom. This line is materialised in B+N iconic panels, raw collection of exterior steel clading, and it flows from the scenic terrace, into the bedroom and ends in the extravagant bathroom in the back of the room.