CAR SHOWROOM | Beijing. China. 2015 | competition entry - interior design | SHORTLISTED |

DESIGN APPROACH | Our design for the transformation of an exhibition gallery into a luxurious Car Saloon in Beijing aspires to create a vibrant atmosphere of flow and speed for displaying and promoting prestigious contemporary vehicles. We introduce motion within the existing rigid building - everything trembles with excitement, so that the visitor is instantly drawn into the swirling air flows. Cars are placed in the center of the swirl, under the spotlight - every piece is unique, and represents the highest and most sophisticated technological advances, futuristic aspirations and the compelling urge for a different lifestyle. As if these machines had just flown into the space, and remained frozen for an instant, the architecture is dramatically affected by their motion. Main design elements, resulting from the collision, are: 1. GLAMOROUS EXHIBITION SCENE Central exhibition space is a large metallic surface inserted into the floor of the central space. This subtle dent, 20 meters in diameter and 60 centimeters deep, evokes a recent, strong impact between the building and the machines, and forms a glamorous place for the vehicles to settle. It becomes a focal scene for displaying the most prestigious cars under the spotlight - the whole space revolves around it in swirling motion. It is the key point of the exhibit, as well as a stage for high-end presentations and promotions of new vehicles. 2. SWIRLING CEILING Above the central stage, we propose a cutting edge lighting design - monolithic ceiling sliced with swirling motion to infuse light into the space. Variations in length, width and depth of the slices, as well as their circular position create dramatic reflections on the metallic surface of the stage and the cars. 3. SILVER COATING We use silver coating to accentuate the luxury of the central stage and key pieces of furniture, as well as the liquidity of the whole space. Rounded surfaces reflect the environment in all directions, transforming views and the perception of space, and thus simulating the experience of fast motion. 4. TREMBLING FURNITURE New pieces of furniture follow the overall swirling movement, and seemingly vibrate along with it. Upon touch, their silver, wrinkly surfaces evoke the feeling of strong collision and enormous speed.

SHOWROOM | Ground floor is the exhibition floor, organized in three main zones to create a dynamic experience for the visitors: 1. entrance lobby, 2. central exhibition stage and 3. cinema zone in the back area of the building. The atmosphere is gradually intensifying from the border areas to the central scene of the glamorous spectacle. Elevator, technical rooms, offices and toilets remain on their original positions, enclosing the central exhibit form all sides. ENTRANCE LOBBY | This area is meant to introduce the swirling effect of the entire space, it is the first atmosphere felt upon entering, and has to be captivating, almost hypnotizing. With circular neon light lines on the ceiling and shiny trembling reception desk, as if captured in motion, we want to seize complete attention from every visitor and potential buyer. CINEMA ZONE | The atmosphere of the back area, after the visitors pass the central exhibition stage, is charged with high speed tension, due to the drastic change of ceiling height, and intense lighting coming both from neon lines on the floors and ceilings, as well as from the large display screen that radiates its atmosphere to the surrounding space and potential buyers. The effects are heightened, to stimulate the urge for speed and prestige.

DEAL-SEALER | First floor is the deal-sealing floor, composed of several thematically designed areas: 1. interactive media wall, for further information and cinematic effects of speed and motion, 2. saloon lounge space with reception & bar, and comfortable seating furniture for high-end events and deal-sealing meetings, 3. VIP room, and 4. a spectacular board room overlooking the entire space. This floor is meant to give out the impression of high-tech, luxurious effects, as if upon embarking one of the cars exhibited on ground level. INTERACTIVE MEDIA WALL | This space is a high-tech media zone, for promotions, presentations, and additional information about the cars and purchase options. The long trembling bench evokes the feeling of a speeding car, and is oriented both towards the screens and towards the central stage on the ground floor. It is facing the black high-tech wall, sliced in linear fragments, and in strategic positions equipped with touch screen displays, where moving vibrant images and compelling commercials are displayed at all times. SALOON LOUNGE SPACE | This is a place overlooking the central exhibition stage, meant for relaxing and making final decisions, as well as for organization of high-end Saloon events. FUTURISTIC BOARD ROOM | The complete experience culminates in the board room, designed as a simple space for keeping one precious object, in this case - its futuristic meeting table. This table is meant to be the symbol of highest technological advances in contemporary sports cars manufacturing.